Apps + Excel; tools for gathering and analysing data in PE

I have always been a bit of a geek when it comes to PE and as I have developed as a teacher I have increasingly used data to provide greater insight and therefore a more personalised and impactful PE experience for my students.

The gathering and analysing of data can though be a very time consuming and complex task – particularly in the school setting. Each school has its own unique requirements and parameters. Marrying together Apps with Excel can allow this process to be both manageable and more importantly; insightful.

The advantages of the process allow you to;

  • see overall trends in your groups and to highlight students for intervention. It gives you real knowledge about each individual and allows you to plan lessons that have both impact and purpose.
  • Whole class and whole school data can be hugely advantageous and provide evidence of impact – not only of your subject and but also interventions that you have put in place.

The opportunity for gathering in data really has improved in the last few years, many apps allow information to be collected quickly, cleanly and accurately. The only real issue is that the many Apps are not set up with schools in mind and therefore cater mostly for individuals rather than groups. The good news is more are coming through and some with the capability of exporting results into other analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Excel itself is a hugely powerful analysis tool; it can be conditioned, macro’d and formulated to your specific needs and when married together with various apps and you can develop some great systems for PE. Systems that show individual performance, trends and attendance.

In this piece I will highlight three apps that can be used for gathering data and used with Excel for analysis;



Use of app: Record run times of large number of students and export results

Use of Excel; To collate results and show trends of individual students against their own previous performances

Example use; Have students regularly run a set distance, use Excel to collate and check whether the student is improving their fitness by checking progress against their own previous performances. Students compete against their own time – not that of others. Interventions put in place for targeted students.

Webscorer is a fantastic app; allowing you to

  • collect run time scores for large numbers of students.
  • You input the name of your students (which is then stored on the app for use again),
  • select who is in the run and start timer at same time.
  • Gather results quickly by simply tapping the students name as they finish
  • See results in the app, webpage or export into Excel.

Excel Master Sheet

The purpose of the Excel Sheet is to convert the exported file from the APP into a numeric value that can then be used to create a Sparkline. The Sparkline in turn compares the student score against their own previous performances creating a trend. Trends can then be analysed and suitable interventions put in place for specific students.

This Excel sheet includes formatting for;

  • Individual student Sparklines
  • A macro to convert the CSV file from the app (which is in text format) into Minutes, seconds and milliseconds when pasted into the master spreadsheet.
  • Plus sorting options for each column

master copy

Webscorer App Download links; Webscorer links; Apple, Google Play and Amazon

For a copy of the Excel sheet please get in touch (WordPress doesn’t support macro enabled worksheets!)




Use of App; To create accurate paperless registers for Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

Use of Excel; To record which activities are being attended, to highlight students that take part in clubs, level 1 and level 2 competitions. The sheet also highlights those students not attending any clubs plus percentage scores for the total amount of students taking part.

Example use; whole school recording of Extra Curricular/competition participation

TimeStation App;

Allows you too;

  • Take the registers and track attendance over predetermined periods of time.
  • Fill in the student names onto the app and then assign them a 4 digit code and or a QR code.
  • Students then register at your club as they arrive using either their QR Code of 4 digit pin.
  • At the end or a week/month or day you can then download the report as a CSV File.

At present I then manually use this information to fill in my Excel spreadsheet

Excel Master sheet;

The purpose of the sheet is to take the information from the attendance registers and highlight which clubs/competitions are being attended, which students are not attending and to give percentage data for whole school attendance.

The Excel Worksheet includes formatting for:

  1. Automatic highlighting of students participating and those not participating
  2. Attendance trends (Sparkline) for each student for participation and competition
  3. Formulas to convert data into a percentage of student body


All of this allows me to plan an effective extra curricular program that appeals to all, gives opportunity, allows intervention and shows impact of the programme.

Time Station App download links; Apple, Google Play links



Use of App; To record Multistage Fitness Test (Beep Test) time scores accurately and efficiently. To export results

Use of Excel; To collate scores, display whether present score is better, the same or worse than previous score. To show overall trend for each student against their own scores

Example; Collation of class performance scores

Beep Test Team Trainer

Allows you to;

  • Input student names (which are then saved for future use)
  • Select which type for beep test
  • select which students are taking part
  • Collect results quickly accurately by tapping on the student name when finished
  • Export data

Excel Master Sheet

The purpose of the sheet is to collate and display performance trends.

  • The sheet includes formatting for;
  • Trend summary of performances via individual Sparklines
  • Arrow indicators to compare directly against previous performance

Multistage fitness pic

Download Link Beep Test Team Trainer; Apple

Excel Master sheet download here; Multistage Fitness Test Results 2

Hope you found some of the ideas of use, if you have an example that you would like to share please do get in touch or if you would like to work on something together in this area just let me know!


Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

Get it on Google Play





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