Physical Literacy; Games for ball and Racquet Control




Ball mastery and Raquet Control are important components of Physical Literacy and opens up and makes accessible a range of sports.

The three games below all share similar ‘I can’ success Criteria that students can use to mark or record their learning progress throughout the activity;

  • I can make contact consistently
  • I can place the ball
  • I can move my opponent off the central line and force mistakes
  • I can create time for myself
  • I can change the depth and angles of my shots
  • I can change the pace and spin of my shots
  • I can use disguise and control the rally
  • I can play clean winning shots because of decisions I take in the rally

Each activity card has four challenges for students to complete and has simple and quick instructions to help maximize activity time.

In addition each card also has a demo video showing students a model of the activity accessible through the QR Code;

PDF version can be downloaded here; table-tennis-tennis

PDF Version download available here; ball-catch-rally


PDF Version Download here; touch-tennis

Special thanks to Jonathan Davies (for the ideas) and Ben Jerham for their help in producing the videos (You would not believe how many takes it took!)

I hope you find the resource cards helpful. If you give them a try  please let me know how you get on – they took ages to make so hope that they are put to good work out there!


Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

Get it on Google Play

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