HRF Essentials Part 3: Push Ups

Push Ups are a classic stable of Health Related Fitness Classes and have many benefits including;

  1. Full body activation and increase in strength – (almost all major muscle groups are used)
  2. Improved Flexibility for Back and arms
  3. Works the cardiovascular system (Due to high number of muscles involved)
  4. Improved muscle definition
  5. Improvements in posture
  6. Improved strength in stabilising muscles help prevent injury in areas such as shoulders and back

And crucially for the school setting they require very little space, most use little or no equipment and the variety within the Push Up family of exercises means that all can find their own level within which to work and challenge themselves.

The resources included in this blog piece focus on that very aspect. When taking part in Fitness based sessions it is really important for engagement that all are able to have choice of activity, choice of challenge and support with which to complete the task successfully.

The sheets attached provide twelve different types of push ups, divided up by level of difficulty so that all students can access the session but can also try out Push Ups of differing difficulty.

Push ups included on the sheet include;

  • Kneeling Push up
  • One Arm Side Push up
  • Classic Push up
  • Wide Push up
  • Diamond (Close) Push up
  • Spiderman Push up
  • Leg Raise Push up
  • ‘T’ Push up
  • Side Advanced Push up
  • Power Push up
  • Cartwheel Push up
  • Rotating Push up

Each individual Push up comes complete with example pictures and QR Code video that students can use as a guide;


Each Push up also has a little coloured star which indicates the level of difficulty so that students can select and engage in their own level of challenge.


The second page contains different challenge sets that students can attempt. Again each challenge set contains a QR Code with a demonstration video of the set and the number of repetitions required to complete it. The Stars indicate the level of difficulty within each set.

Challenge Set 2:


In all the sheet has four challenge sets ranging from simple to very hard. Plus for any students who want a more extreme challenge (in the top corner) there is a special ‘3 and easy 33 Challenge’ for them to attempt! (Let me know how they get on with that!

Image-1 (1)

The 3 and Easy 33 Challenge;

The resources also include a gif sheet in case you have no internet connection so that students can still access a model of each push up;


(Made using ‘Loop it’ by Jarrod Robinson and can be downloaded here; Loop It)

I also have to say a huge thankyou to a couple of my ex-students for their help and collaboration in producing this resource. Firstly a big thankyou to Mohammed Kayyal (one of my top students from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) for his help with the ideas and planning. Also thankyou to Jonathan Davies (One of my top students from Bicester!) for his help producing all the videos for this resource. Jonathan is training to be a Personal Fitness Instructor a the moment and will be qualifying shortly – once he does he is highly recommended!

Please find all the resources downloadable here;

pushupsclassboard (Gif sheet)

Push up student sheets 

I hope you find this resource useful – please let me know if you give it a go. Also if you have any other Push ups that you recommend also let me know in the comments section below so I can include them in a future update!

By Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

Get it on Google Play

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