Multiskills -7 Game based activities

I recently ran a Year 2 Multiskills event for 160 year 2 children.

We had three aims for this event;

1. To enable students to ‘participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending‘ (National Curriculum Key Stage 1)

2. To get student leaders to be responsible for participants’ learning

3. To give ideas for multiskill game activities for accompanying staff


  1. participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending’ for this event we decided to design activities where students would have to play in a small sided team and play directly against another team. This would allow students not only an opportunity to apply their skills in pressure situations but also to adapt them and make choices about what skills to use in particular moments.Each activity was then assigned a learning theme, the themes we choose to focus on for this event were;
  • Transition
  • Changing the angle of attack
  • Recognising Patterns
  • Strategy
  • Split attack
  • Ready Positions
  • Arriving at the correct moment

2. Student leaders – the focus for our leaders was on the learning within their group. Normally the student leaders role is to organise, referee and score activities. But at this event the responsibility for learning meant that they engaged much more with the children; they would sit them down and introduce the learning theme following it up with feedback to teams. Many also grew in confidence and started to pull individuals aside to give them ideas, ask them questions and give positive reinforcement. The leaders got a real sense of achievement seeing students make rapid progress in their time with them.

Each student leader received a help card with the rules, learning theme and ideas to focus on with students and questions they could ask or things that they could suggest to help students to be successful within their games.


3. Game ideas for staff; Multiskill based sessions are primarily based on fundamental movement and skills. The ideas below give ideas of how to not only apply skills in pressure situations but also allow application within competition.

The activities that we decided to use for this event were all 4 v 4 and game based;


Learning theme; transition; ‘what do I do when I have a ball?’ What is my job when I do not have a ball?’


The sheet can be downloaded here; rollball leader card


Learning theme; Changing the angle of attack


This sheet can be downloaded here; 4wayvolleyballleadercard


Learning theme; Split Attack – Move forward quickly but away from other attackers


Download; goal ball leader card


Learning theme; ‘Arriving at the correct moment’

bounce ball

Download; bounce ball


Learning theme; ‘Recognising patterns’


Download; connect4pdf


Learning theme; ‘Ready Positions’


Download; stickpadcatchleadercard


Learning theme; ‘Strategy’


Download; scootergrandprixleadercard

I hope you will find the leader help cards useful, they could be used within most age groups just alter space, people and most importantly the learning themes for the games.

By Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

Get it on Google Play



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