Peer Assessment and Teaching Cards – Tennis

Peer led activities and teaching have many advantages;

More individualised feedback, more student interaction, reinforcement of learning and provide opportunities for formative assessment.

Complex skills often require more scaffolding for learners and peer cards such as the ones below allow students to work out where they are right now and also what they need to do to embed and master the particular skill. This also means that the student teacher is not just delivering teaching points but working on higher order thinking skills; analysing and evaluating to help improve performances.

AFL The Forehand

Peer assessment cards also allow you to set different tasks for different groups and for those at different stages of learning all the while providing structure and focus. The traffic light system allows students to give you quick feedback on progress and confidence.

AFL The Forehand 2

One of the most valuable aspects of peer teaching cards is that they allow students to take control of the learning, setting the pace and allowing us as teachers to guide and be a facilitator to their progress.

Linked below are peer teaching cards for which I thought I would share with you (Hope you find them of use!);

Tennis  – the Forehand AFL The Forehand    AFL The Forehand 2

Tennis – the Serve AFL The Serve      AFL The Serve2

Tennis – the Volley AFL The Volley    AFL The Volley2

Plus some plenary cards:

Cross court forehand

Tennis Serve

Inside out forehand

Hope you find them interesting and give them a go. Let me know if you do!

By Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool


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