Leader Cards – Sportshall Athletics

One of the trickiest things when running cluster festivals and competitions for groups of schools can be to ensure that in addition to planning competition, layouts, equipment, formats and scoring – that there are further opportunities for learning for all those that are involved.

This can be a tricky task for young leaders who take on the responsibility for different activities at these kind of events.

Therefore I try to also give them prompts and tips to enable them not just to run, referee and score each station but also to help students improve their performances. This leads to even better atmospheres at the events. It helps build the confidence of leaders who then not only referee and facilitate competition but also help and can see that their help enables students to learn and to achieve even more.

Below are some example cards that I have used at a targeted Athletics event. They can also be used for individual classes as station activities. Each card describes equipment required, layouts, rules and teaching points for improving performance.

Leader Cards – Stations Indoor Athletics

By Kevin Peake

Founder of PESA; The PE and Sports Assessment Tool

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